ENGL 334 Science Fiction

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Course Schedule

How To Read This Schedule: All readings will be completed before class on the date on which they are assigned. Anything in bold is work to be completed before class and brought with you on the day listed. Paper due dates, also in bold, indicate that the completed manuscript of your paper must be in the correct dropbox on eCampus before class starts on the day indicated.

Week 11 Left Hand of Darkness

Fri 03/27

  • Response Due By Midnight on:
    • Ursula K. Le Guin, The Left Hand of Darkness (1969)
    • Reading Guide

Week 12 Neuromancer

Fri 04/03

  • Response Due By Midnight on:

Week 13 "Speech Sounds"

Wed 04/08

Fri 04/10

No Class

Reading Day

Week 14 Black God's Drum

Fri 04/17

  • Response Due By Midnight on:

Week 15 All Systems Red

Fri 04/24

  • Response Due By Midnight on:
    • Martha Wells, All Systems Red (2018)
    • Reading Guide
    • Paper #3 due 05/04