ENG 686 Directed Reading History & Theory of Rhetoric

Course Description

This course is intended as a fast-paced introduction to the rhetorical tradition, both in terms of the past canon and regarding the present extrapolation, amendation, and revision of that canon. The course offers readings in primary sources of the tradition before moving into critical works from recent rhetorical scholarship.


These are the assignments that will make up your grade in this class.

Assignment Values

Assignment Due Date Value
Book Review 2016-02-17 15%
Proposal & Outline 2016-03-23 20%
Final Seminar Essay 2016-04-27 65%

Assignment Descriptions

Book Review (3-4 pages)

Book review can be on any recent work in rhetorical criticism (or any canonical work relevant to project). A few to consider:

Proposal & Outline (2-3 pages)

Should be attached to the topic of the final seminar paper. Write a 200 word conference proposal for your paper; a list of ~10 sources you’d use; and a proposed outline for the final paper.

Final Seminar Essay (20-25 pages)