ENG 204: Introduction to Contemporary Literature

Course Description

This course explores currently important works in American literature. We will be reading fiction generally agreed upon as “best” from the last few years. Students can expect to leave class with a better understanding of the breadth of what counts as “literature” in America in 2013.

Course Schedule

All assignments must be completed before the end of the day (11:59PM) on the date listed below.

There are an associated set of my responses to the various readings posted on iTunes U. Listen to them before writing your own responses.

03.05 Tue

Listen to Introductory Podcast

03.08 Fri

Response to All of Train Dreams

03.19 Tue

Response to Chapters 1-64 of The Hypnotist

03.26 Tue

Response to Chapter 65-End of The Hypnotist

03.29 Fri

Response to Chapters 1-47 of Big Machine

04.05 Fri

Response to Chapter 48-End of Big Machine

04.09 Tue

Midterm Exam

04.12 Fri

Response to Chapters 1-9 of A Visit From the Goon Squad

04.19 Fri

Response to Chapter 10-End of A Visit From the Goon Squad

04.23 Tue

Response to Chapter 1-End of Intermission in The Sisters Brothers

04.26 Fri

Response to Remainder of The Sisters Brothers

04.30 Tue

Cumulative Paper Due