ENGL 354 Modern Rhetorical Theory

Course Description

Modern Rhetorical Theory is designed to introduce students to the development of rhetoric as a concept, discipline, and series of practices in the 20th and into the 21st centuries. The class also introduces students to practices of criticism and thinking about, with, and through academic conversations as scholars.

Students will read a wide range of works dealing with topics of linguistic persuasion. Additionally, students will write in a number of media and genres in response to these, and other, readings.

Course Schedule

How To Read This Schedule: All readings will be completed before class on the date on which they are assigned. Anything in bold is work to be completed before class and brought with you on the day listed. Paper due dates, also in bold, indicate that the completed manuscript of your paper must be in the correct dropbox on eCampus before class starts on the day indicated.

Note on Texts: There is no textbook in this class. All readings are available online.

Text Availability: Most texts are linked below. If a text is not a link, it will be available on our eCampus site in the “Information” section.

Day Descriptions: Works that are not links and not in the format of <Author>, “<Title>” or <Author>, <Title> are descriptions of the day’s work and not readings.

Unit 1: Understanding History

This unit examines the topic of history in 20th century rhetorical theory.

Week 1

Tue 01/19

Thu 01/21

Week 2

Tue 01/26

Week 4

Tue 02/09

Academic Writing Day

  • Writing About Rhetorical Theory
    • Summary
    • Quotation
    • Commentary

Unit 2: Shaping Subjectivity

This unit examines the relationship between rhetoric and human subjectivity.

Week 6

Tue 02/23

Thu 02/25

Week 7

Tue 03/01

Week 9

Tue 03/15

No Class

Spring Break

Thu 03/17

No Class

Spring Break

Week 10

Thu 03/24

Unit 3: Emerging Technology

This unit explores the relationship between rhetoric and emerging technologies.

Week 12

Tue 04/05

Academic Writing Day

  • Writing with Technology
  • Second Paper Due Today

Thu 04/07

Week 14

Tue 04/19

Week 15

Tue 04/26

Thu 04/28

  • Wrap-Up
  • Third Paper Due on 05/10

Week 16

Tue 05/03

No Class

Redefined Day (Go To Friday Classes)