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I am an Assistant Professor at Texas A&M in the English Department. My current research project focuses on the rhetoric of transhumanism, but I am broadly interested in the reshaping of rhetoric, discourse, and identity in the face of digital technologies. My research and pedagogical work touches on facets of digital rhetoric, digital humanities, emerging media, and technical communications.

Book In Progress

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My current book project (forthcoming from University of Minnesota Press in Fall 2017) explores the rhetoric of the transhumanism movement with regards specifically to its Utopian content. Pre-order Transhumanism on Amazon!

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Teaching Philosophy

My goals in teaching classes in both rhetoric and literature are intimately connected with my research interests.


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Published Article

Image Illustrating the article, "Review of *Comparative Textual Media*"

Review of Comparative Textual Media

Published in Enculturation

Review of Comparative Textual Media edited by N. Katherine Hayles and Jessica Pressman.

Published Article

Image Illustrating the article, "Fan Utopias and Self-Help Supermen"

Fan Utopias and Self-Help Supermen

Published in Science Fiction Studies, 124 (November 2014)

Drawn from my current book, this article suggests that superman fiction, often dismissed as fascist and naive, had certain interesting political ramifications during the late 1930s and early 1940s.

Forthcoming Article

Image Illustrating the article, "Translating the Future"

Translating the Future

Forthcoming in Amodern

Article theorizing the use of ES6 transpilers (Babel & Traceur) in contemporary JavaScript as examples of novel machine translation systems.

Forthcoming Article

Image Illustrating the article, "Invoking Darkness"

Invoking Darkness

Forthcoming in Philosophy & Rhetoric

Expanding on my presentations at WSRL and RSA, this article argues for a turn-to-darkness in the rhetoric of the nonhuman.

Published Article

Image Illustrating the article, "Insect Capital"

Insect Capital

Published in New American Notes Online, 8 (December 2015)

Uses the pattern of insect imagery in William Gibson’s Neuromancer to talk about a theory of corporate culture informed by German Media Studies.

Read the article online.

Article in Progress

Image Illustrating the article, "The *Ethos* of *Mr. Robot*"

The Ethos of Mr. Robot

This article discusses the presentation of anti-corporate resistance in Mr. Robot.

Published Article

Image Illustrating the article, ""We twiddle ... and turn into machines": Mina Loy, HTML, and the Machining of Information"

“We twiddle … and turn into machines”: Mina Loy, HTML, and the Machining of Information

Published in Reading Modernism with Machines

Chapter on Loy, HTML, and the emergence of contemporary information.

Rhetorical Algorithm

Image Illustrating, "Homework Copia"

Homework Copia

A Twitter bot that invents homework excuses for the truly desperate.

Online at:
On Twitter at: @HomeworkCopia

Online Edition

Image Illustrating, "Mina Loy Online"

Mina Loy Online

Online edition of Mina Loy’s poetry and manifestoes formatted in HTML to be typographically correct, retaining the structural elements of Loy’s writing that is often not produced online.

Online at:

Blog Post

Dark Transhumanism

I spent a lovely week in Bloomington at the RSA Summer Institute learning about digital rhetoric and posthuman invention. One thing that became a refrain for the week was talking about my forthcoming book on transhumanism and having to explain how...

Blog Post

"Books & I Are Fighting"

Shawna Ross challenged herself to write a satisfying version of the “I love books” narrative that she was tired of reading in graduate applications and undergraduate scholarship apps. On Facebook, Eric Detweiler challenged her to write an “I hate books...

Blog Post

Daube de Boeuf: The Recipe That Saved Christmas

As often happens with family Christmas celebrations, someone was declared to have ruined Christmas at our house this year. Thankfully, it wasn’t anyone in the family and, thankfully, we recovered from near ruination to have a great dinner. Unlike in...

Recent Presentation

Image Illustrating the presentation, "Critical Informatics and the Digital Humanities"

Critical Informatics and the Digital Humanities

Panel I organized that addresses critical contributions digital humanities makes to the cultural understanding of informatics.

Recent Presentation

Image Illustrating the presentation, "The Rhetorical Future of the Soul At Work"

The Rhetorical Future of the Soul At Work

Presentation analyzing rhetotical constructions of the future in the Autonomist Marxist, Franco “Bifo” Berardi.

Recent Presentation

Image Illustrating the presentation, "*Lachrymator*: Persuasion's Tear Gas"

Lachrymator: Persuasion’s Tear Gas

Presentation that samples theories of the political object from Africana Studies to account for non-democratic displays of public rhetoric.

Recent Presentation

Image Illustrating the presentation, "Worlds Without Us"

Worlds Without Us

Eco-horror, modernity, VanderMeer

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Currently Teaching

Classes Taught

The classes I am currently teaching are displayed on this page. To see all of the courses I have taught at A&M and ASU, click below:

All My Classes

A list of all the classes I’ve taught (including graduate school) can be seen on my CV.

Currently Teaching

ENGL 353: History of Rhetoric

Image of Course Website for History of Rhetoric

The History of Rhetoric is designed to introduce students to the study of rhetoric from the clasiccal period until the end of the 19th century.

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Currently Teaching

ENGL 355: Rhetoric of Style

Image of Course Website for Rhetoric of Style

A class that focuses on the rhetorical choices authors make to compose texts for paricular purposes and specific audiences.

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Classroom Resources

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Some resources I've used in past courses.

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