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I am an Assistant Professor of English in Arizona State’s faculty of Interdisciplinary Humanities and Communication. My current research project focuses on the rhetoric of transhumanism, but I am broadly interested in the reshaping of rhetoric, discourse, and identity in the face of digital technologies. My research and pedagogical work touches on facets of digital rhetoric, digital humanities, emerging media, and technical communications.

Book In Progress

Image Illustrating the book, "Transhumanism"


My current book project explores the rhetoric of the transhumanism movement with regards specifically to its Utopian content.

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Teaching Philosophy

My goals in teaching classes in both rhetoric and literature are intimately connected with my research interests.


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Other Places to Find Me Online

Forthcoming Article

Image Illustrating the article, "Fan Utopias and Self-Help Supermen"

Fan Utopias and Self-Help Supermen

Forthcoming in Science Fiction Studies

Drawn from my current book, this article suggests that superman fiction, often dismissed as fascist and naive, had certain interesting political ramifications during the late 1930s and early 1940s.

Article in Progress

Image Illustrating the article, "Agential Hypermonsters"

Agential Hypermonsters

Expanding on my presentations at WSRL and RSA, this article argues for a turn-to-darkness in the rhetoric of the nonhuman.

Published Article

Image Illustrating the article, "Review of Slime Dynamics"

Review of Slime Dynamics

Published in Itineration

Experimental hypertext book review of Slime Dynamics by Ben Woodard.

Blog Post

The Right Not To

Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun

Yesterday, a story making the rounds on my social media detailed the arrest of Dr. Peter Nathan Steinmetz, head of neurosurgery at The Barrow Neurological Institute, after he brought a loaded AR 15 to the non secure portion of Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport. Here’s the thing, unlike what you’d expect, his …

Blog Post

Insect Revolution: More On Banal Dystopias

Following up on my recent post about banal dystopias and disruptive technology, I’ve been thinking about the agency of dissent in the era of our banal dystopia. At the end of the post, I doubled down on the claim that the materiality of something like Soylent or Google Glass was itself …

Blog Post

The Banality of Dystopia

So I’ve already kind of posted about Soylent and issues of time indebtedness, but there is a really interesting essay up on The Guardian about Soylent, Google Glass, and the pretty terrible future Silicon Valley is generating. Entitled The Tech Utopia Nobody Wants, JR Hennessy argues that the reaction against Glass …

Recent Presentation

Image Illustrating the presentation, "Polynesian Paralysis"

Polynesian Paralysis

Presentation on primitive-futurism in tiki culture.

Upcoming Presentation

Image Illustrating the presentation, "Sex and the Singularity"

Sex and the Singularity

Presentation at MLA15 in Vancouver on sexuality, the Vingean Singularity, and Her.

Recent Presentation

Image Illustrating the presentation, "Posthuman, Nonhuman, Inhuman"

Posthuman, Nonhuman, Inhuman

Presentation for RSA 2014 about my new inhuman rhetoric project. This paper is also a sequel to my WSRL presentaiton.

Recent Presentation

Image Illustrating the presentation, "Shooting at Agency"

Shooting at Agency

Presentation for WSRL 13 that explores rhetorical agency and gunfire.

Presentation Materials Available Here

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